Amazon has a vision to evolve, to invent—to be bold, unflinching pioneers in the service of your customers.

HQ2 is the next step on your journey. Halifax—the technology, commercial, and cultural heart of Canada's east—is the place to take it.

Explore what's possible in a place where outstanding teams can accelerate, invent, and create like never before.

Amazon—doing the exceptional—needs one more thing. Halifax.

Welcome home.

What Halifax brings to the table

You take possibility and shape it into new ideas and new technology. Where better to do that than from a place that has limitless potential?

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    The perfect fit

    Our culture of respect, peace, order, and good government means diversity flourishes, and ideas and invention thrive. Perspectives are embraced and business can evolve, innovate and prosper.

    Halifax came together, worked tirelessly, and secured the $30 billion Canadian shipbuilding contract.

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    Once-in-a-lifetime location

    Amazon's HQ2 Halifax site is like no other in North America. We check every box. 92 acres of central, urban, development-ready oceanfront land. Right where you need it.

    Shannon Park is an unparalleled 92-acre oceanfront site in the heart of Halifax primed for Amazon's HQ2.

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    A $10 billion advantage

    Halifax is the best deal in North America for Amazon HQ2. KPMG's Competitive Alternatives study estimates that HQ2 Halifax could potentially save Amazon more than $10 billion over 10 years compared to Seattle.

    Note: Figure is based on operating costs and does not include Federal, Provincial or Municipal incentives yet to be negotiated.

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    Top talent that stays

    The world's most talented, inventive, engaged people want to be in Halifax and make their lives here. And given the opportunity to be in this place and work with one of the coolest companies on the planet, you bet people will stick around.

    Halifax has exceptionally low employee turnover compared to the US. In the tech sector, it's just 8.6% versus the US average of 33.1%.

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    It's a fact: Halifax makes people happy

    The soul of this place speaks to people, draws them in, and brings them home. With housing prices a fraction of Boston, Seattle, Toronto, or Vancouver, low crime rates, our enviable combination of urban and rural communities, and amenities, what's not to love?

    fDi American Cities of the Future 2017/18 ranked Halifax Top 10 for Best Human Capital and Lifestyle.

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This is just our short list.

We know Amazon has lots of options, but none are like Halifax. Before you make any decision, give us a call, and let us introduce you to our city.

Call our mayor. Seriously.

The Future Home of Amazon Halifax HQ2 Campus

92 acres of central, urban oceanfront land, primed for development.

Nine development parcels large enough for Amazon's HQ2 Campus.

Take a Tour of the Site Explore a Map of Halifax
  • Direct access to the Halifax Harbor for district energy.

  • Potential for ferry service direct to the Amazon Campus.

  • Regional wastewater main line with ample capacity for development on the edge of the site.

  • Recreational trails and mass transit options throughout the site and city.

  • Located next to the provincial highway system, making it easy to navigate the city and province.

  • Easy connections to rail, road, and mass transit service.

  • Only 25 minutes from Halifax Stanfield International Airport.

Don't just take our word for it: